(12 sessions)

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Prerequisites: Suitable for students who have completed the Four Thoughts, Taking Refuge and the Bodhichitta Mengak Pack courses.

Vajrasattva practice is regarded as the entrance to the Vajrayana. It uses the skilful means of visualizing the deity and the bodhichitta nectar flows, reciting mantra, and performing the activity of the deity. This module will introduce the practice slowly, stage by stage, so that eventually we can include it in our daily ngöndro by ourselves.

All teachings are included in the course and can be watched online

Tuition $170, Optional:2 DVDs $45 plus shipping

Most Ngöndro series courses are restricted to students already engaged in daily practice of the Ngöndro who have fulfilled all the pre-requisites. If you have any questions about eligibility for these courses please contact

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